The community of Blyth was founded in 1877 and is still known as an historic village due to its original downtown having been kept intact. 1000 call the village home with many more coming to see the Blyth Festival every season.

Since its inception in 1975, The Blyth festival has premiered 100 Canadian plays. Plays developed at the Blyth Festival have won Governor General ‘s Awards and a number of Chalmers Awards. It plays to audiences of between forty and fifty thousand annually.

In 2001, Blyth won the Communities in Bloom National Award in the category of 1 to 1000 population. This award recognizes civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on enhancing green spaces in communities.

In 2013 The Blyth1419.ca initiative began, with aims to further the ever expanding arts community within the town.

Note: Locals pronounce the name of their town like “bly-eth” rather than “blithe”. So, for more town history and legends, ask someone on main-street, who pronounces the town with two syllables, about their village.